• letter of condolence to overseas employees in 2014 (Africa)
    to all employees of KEYUN Africa: & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; a song of triumph for the old year and a horse for the new year. On behalf of the senior management team of the group and all the domestic employees of the group, I would like to extend my best wishes and sincere condolences to the employees and their families of KEYUN Africa on the occasion of the Spring Festival! I wish you all the best in the new year, good health and a happy family! And take this opportunity to sincerely say that you have worked hard! at this moment, the hometown of China is a happy time for family reunion and welcoming the new year together. Let us wash away the dust along the way in a peaceful, warm and festive atmosphere. The past year is of historical significance in the development history of KEYUN Group. The group has been committed to the management concept of "quality, cost, efficiency and safety", pioneering and enterprising, and has made great contributions to the 20 year anniversary of KEYUN with outstanding achievements. What's more valuable is that no one lies on the credit book for 20 years, and all people have always been in the attitude of entrepreneurship, conscientious, erudite and hardworking. This is exactly where KEYUN hopes to celebrate the next 20 years.             in the past year, the overseas business of the company has developed rapidly. The African business led by Beijing company has made breakthrough progress. After hard exploration and trial, with the courage of never giving up and the wisdom of technology to bring the market, KEYUN has finally blossomed and rooted in this magical land of Africa. At the same time, the unusual process of African companies has played a crucial leading and benchmarking role in extending the international territory of KEYUN to Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, Mexico and other places, and greatly promoted the initial establishment of the group's vision of "international logistics group". & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in order to realize the company's dream of entering Africa and creating a world reputation, many of you are far away from your relatives, suffering from inexplicable loneliness and unpredictable risks in foreign countries, shouldering the heavy trust of the enterprise, making unremitting efforts and making remarkable achievements. Your mission is glorious and noble, and your actions are admirable and touching! KEYUN Group thank you! Thank you all! I would like to thank you all the more! & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in addition, I would like to express my sincere thanks and sincere wishes to the employees of African companies from local Africa and other countries and regions. We are greatly encouraged by your recognition of KEYUN and your contribution to the company. You are the witnesses and witnesses of China Africa friendship and sincere cooperation. You have and will continue to pay hard to leave unforgettable memories on your own and KEYUN's resumes. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 360 days and nights, passionate, now back to the end of the year, will start a new cycle. Looking forward to the new year, difficulties and hopes coexist, challenges and opportunities coexist. We should firmly believe that we should not follow the old road and the modern logistics road; we should unify our thoughts, not follow the road of others and take the road suitable for KEYUN. I firmly believe that all colleagues of African company will adhere to "reform, adjustment and innovation" with an urgent sense of crisis, make rational and efficient use of existing resources, borrow others' resources and develop future resources, strive to find and discover the sustainable development road of the company through continuous learning and reference, and work for "strengthening internal quality and improving profitability; building external brand and enhancing competitive strength" As a guide, seize the opportunity, unite sincerely, strengthen learning, and keep forging ahead. If so, we will be the first in the fierce market competition and achieve success!          In the new year, the group's strategy to further explore the overseas market is unswerving. Therefore, you have a long way to go. However, I believe that "the mountains are the peaks, the road is far and the feet are longer", your persistent belief in winning, courage to fight hard and tenacious style, increasingly sophisticated management and control level, and rich experience accumulated over the years will certainly help you to make great achievements for KEYUN. I sincerely hope that you will take good care of your health, pay more attention to safety and communicate with your relatives in a foreign country, and devote yourself to our common great cause with full enthusiasm and exuberant fighting spirit, so as to make a great contribution to your beautiful life! & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; finally, I wish all the staff and their families of the African company smooth work, happy life, happy family and auspicious year of the horse!                                                        Some African employees of KEYUN
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  • 2013 annual report meeting and new year's dinner
    on December 27th, more than 40 middle and senior management cadres from all over the country gathered in the KEYUN Hall of the Westin Hotel in Junlong, Tianjin to attend the 2013 year-end summary report meeting of KEYUN group. In an efficient rhythm, the meeting heard the report of "yard business summary and planning" by Mr. Zhang Jianwei, vice president of the group, the report of "freight business summary and planning" by Mr. Liang song, vice president of the group, the report of "whole logistics summary and planning" by Mr. Yao Jun, vice president of the group, the report of "information management and planning" by Ms. Cui Huan, vice president of the group, and the assistant to the chairman of the board Mr. Liu Qingzhong's "group investment management and planning" report. The meeting fully affirmed the above report and reached a broad consensus. On the basis of listening to the above-mentioned report, Mr. Fan Jinkui, chairman of the board of directors, made a concluding speech. He stressed that KEYUN has accumulated certain experience and advantages in 20 years of development. However, in the face of the new situation, we should boldly invite in and go out to make use of the financial bar through technological innovation and based on the theme of "reform, innovation, integration, upgrading and transformation" with an urgent sense of crisis Stick to the client, and establish the sustainable development road of KEYUN in the next 20 years as soon as possible in continuous learning and reference.           on that night, the splendid banquet hall of Junlong Westin Hotel was full of laughter and cheers. Everyone was jubilant, and the South lion danced and sang loudly. The 2014 New Year Party of KLM Group was held here with a lively scene. More than 200 staff representatives from various companies of the group gathered together to enjoy the wine and the friendship. They told the unforgettable year of the snake in their nostalgic feelings, looked forward to the auspiciousness and well-being of the year of the horse in their greetings of hope, and wished KEYUN a new dream of sailing in the sound of good wishes.           in 2014, the confident, strong, United and hardworking klun people came with the courage to be the first!
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  • the inspiration of bee spirit in young people's mind
    keep learning & nbsp; improve management                                    —— impressions of visiting Pangu bee Garden   every member of the bee family is hardworking, and they are constantly working for their survival every day. The bee family has a strict division of roles. For example, the queen bee must inspect the hive in person and frequently every day, and issue all kinds of instructions to workers in time, and the speed of information transmission of bees is amazing. Worker bees are responsible for collecting honey, protecting hives and feeding offspring. Through the understanding of bees, I turned my fear of bees into my admiration of bees. Thinking of myself, as a leader of a company, he should be like queen bee. Besides his own excellent business, he must have the ability and consciousness higher than other employees to ensure that he can continuously lead everyone to make progress. This requires me to learn and improve myself like queen bee. Work state to learn from queen bee, its diligence, to be able to actively participate in the company's business, fully grasp the specific situation of the company. considering the management of the company, we should learn the management mode of honey family, with clear posts and specific division of labor, so as to ensure that each employee can perform his or her duties. And to establish a company's rapid way of information collection and transmission, to ensure that the company's internal communication smooth, timely in place.
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  • the inspiration of bee spirit in young people's mind
    {editor's note}2013 on June 22nd, at the foot of beautiful Panshan mountain, a group of familiar and unfamiliar "guests" came to Pangu bee garden with green grass and rippling waves. These young people, who are usually devoted to the company management and business development, had close contact with the nature micro magician bee for the first time In addition to learning about the life of bees and popularizing the popular science knowledge of honey, they recorded their impressions and experiences with pen and ink. Now, around the theme of "the inspiration of the bee spirit in the minds of young people", they choose several of them to publish. They hope to communicate with you, contact our work practice, and truly experience and learn and develop bee essence God. diligent and dedicated & nbsp; unite as one                                    —— impressions of visiting Pangu bee Garden bees are very small, so small that they are almost insignificant compared with human beings, which is not worth mentioning. However, the short visit touched me a lot. There are many things that we can learn from this little bee. 1. Diligence and dedication: bees are very industrious animals. Generally speaking, the first feeling of bees is their diligence, which I think is the same. But when you get to know bees in close range, you will be really shocked by them. To make 1kg honey, a bee needs to collect 20kg nectar, and fly 160000 times, 320000km, about 8 circles around the earth I can't imagine what kind of workload that would be. But bees are so not afraid of fatigue, and no complaints, rain or shine, can be said to be a model of dedication! 2. Willing to offer: bees make cauliflower honey as their lifelong career, and they give their whole life for honey. Even when they are attacked by the outside world, they will end their lives when they attack humans with their last strength. After being attacked by bees, now after scientific practice, humans have got a new answer called apitherapy. So bees will end their lives still bring dedication to mankind. 3. Teamwork: we can see that there are about 50000 bees in the hive. The reason why they can live so regularly is that they are a quality team. This is very worthy of learning and in-depth understanding for the managers of my new team. A. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; downsizing: Although there are 50000 bees living together, they are only divided into three positions - queen bee, drone bee and worker bee B. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; clear division of labor and perform their own duties: queen bee: queen bee is the mother of a bee family. Her body is twice as big as the average bee. The whole bee colony is her children. Her position in a bee colony is supreme. When she comes to the bee, the little bees will immediately stop their work and salute her. Because the queen bee eats royal jelly all her life, her life span can reach 6-9 years, dozens of times longer than the average bee. drones: there are only a few hundred drones in a colony. Drones don't make honey in the bee family. The only thing they do is to find the queen to mate in the sunny and windy weather. worker bees: worker bees are the main part of a colony. Among 50000 bees in a colony, except one queen and several hundred drones, the rest are worker bees. Worker bees are responsible for all the work in the bee colony. Workers of different ages also have different division of labor. 1-3 days old: heat preservation and hatching, cleaning the spawning room, 3-6 days old: adjust pollen and honey, feed larva, 6-12 days old: feed larva and queen bee, 12-18 days old: secrete wax to build spleen, 18 days old: collect nectar 4. Leader management: there are 50000 bees in a colony, and there is only one queen bee, but this queen bee can manage the whole colony, which is very powerful in its management means. & nbsp; & nbsp; first of all, the queen bee has a strong aura, which is to let all bees know her existence through the release of this kind of physical smell, so that they have spiritual dependence and dare not make any mistakes. The smell can extend to a radius of 2.5 kilometers - a wide range of control. & nbsp; & nbsp; secondly, if the queen of a colony disappears half an hour later, all the bees in the whole colony will feel the strong control effect and the large number. & nbsp; & nbsp; once again, whenever the queen bee walks around the little bee, the little bees around voluntarily stop their work and pay homage to the queen bee. - the depth of control. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; little bee, it gives me great inspiration, I want to cheer for you!
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  • meeting of KEYUN Logistics Group in the first half of 2015
    in midsummer, KEYUN Logistics Group gathered in beautiful Pangu, and the highlights of wonderful reports came out frequently. In the semiannual summary meeting of 2015, which started on June 28th, the broad consensus of "reshaping culture and firm transformation" was reached and successfully ended on June 30. For the first time, the conference was held in the form of discussion by professional groups. The general managers, financial managers and core business backbones from all parts of the group held special discussions on corporate culture system construction, core business transformation, financial regulation and control, overseas and mainland network construction, etc, In the efficient communication for the second half of the group and next year's work pointed out the direction, drum up the momentum  
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  • two day tour of Chengde Mountain Resort of Gangji company
    in order to carry forward the corporate culture and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees, the company organized a two-day tour to Chengde from June 13 to 14, 2015. Most of the employees actively participated in the group tour. In such hot and dry weather, it is undoubtedly a very pleasant thing to travel to Chengde summer resort. Through the company's annual tourism activities, we can forget the tension of work and enjoy the joy and pleasure of tourism while traveling healthily. It can not only enrich the cultural life of employees and relieve the pressure of normal work, but also effectively enhance the cohesion of employees and the sense of belonging to the company, strengthen the cultural construction of the company, and fully reflect the leadership of the company We will devote more enthusiasm and positive attitude to work and study.
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  • Keyun group participated in Vietnam (Hanoi) International Trade Fair
    the spring breeze sent warm earth to recover. From April 15 to 18, 2015, the 25th Vietnam import and Export Fair was held in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. KEYUN group and KEYUN Latin America company, Vietnam company and Tianjin Gangji company participated in the exhibition. KLM is also the only Chinese company participating in the exhibition to invest and set up a logistics service company in Vietnam. in the past few years and even in the next few years, Vietnam will replace China as the core of the world's manufacturing industry, and its export volume will increase greatly. As a global, international logistics elite network operation of KEYUN logistics group, according to the needs of domestic and foreign merchants and the development of overseas companies, the first time to participate in the business of local logistics development in Vietnam, refers to the provision of logistics services in and out of Vietnam to a large number of domestic and foreign consignees.
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  • Keyun group holds 2015 New Year dinner
    & nbsp; wine dating spring, lion dancing in the future. Tonight's Westin Hotel is resplendent and full of friends, with smiling faces full of happiness and joy, emitting a happy and peaceful festival atmosphere. Based on the theme of "taking advantage of the overall deepening of reform in spring and promoting the sustainable development of KEYUN", KEYUN group held a grand spring dinner in 2015 with the theme of "Voyage" on January 16, 2015 at 18 p.m. in Westin Hotel. more than 200 KEYUN people from various companies of the group, represented by outstanding employees and excellent teams who have won 20 and 10 years' contribution awards, as well as representatives of partners and customers from all over the world, gathered to share the past and welcome the new, sing and dance, and celebrate the festival.
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  • KLM Group holds annual summary report meeting
    on January 16th, more than 40 middle and senior managers of KEYUN group from all over the country gathered in the KEYUN Hall of the Westin Hotel in Junlong to participate in the annual summary report meeting of KEYUN group. Centering on the theme of "reform, innovation and promotion", the meeting carefully listened to the relevant work reports of Mr. Liu Qingzhong, assistant chairman of the board of directors, and Mr. Liang song, Mr. Zhang Jianwei, Mr. Yao Jun and Ms. Cui Huan, four vice presidents. In the form of a summary speech by Mr. Fan Jinkui, chairman of the board of directors, the meeting made a comprehensive plan for the work in 2015, especially for the improvement of business network, higher-level application of it and the construction of corporate culture.
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  • "positive psychology" training held by KLM
    "Tao can be Tao but not Tao, name can be name and not name", the so-called happiness lies in everyone's subjective cognition and feelings A special "positive psychology" training was held in the KEYUN Hall of Westin Hotel on January 14-15. 80 middle and high-level and core backbones and customer representatives of KEYUN group participated in the training led by Dr. Chen Shaojian, Professor of Psychology Department of Tsinghua University, which also opened the curtain of publicity and promotion of KEYUN corporate culture in 2015.
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