• "seminar on inland storage and mobile warehouse" held by KLM
    on April 28, 2018, the meeting on "Discussion on inland storage and mobile warehouse" of KLM Group was held in Shengfang, Hebei Province as scheduled. Langfang branch of KEYUN Beijing KEYUN Logistics Co., Ltd. and Tianjin KEYUN Logistics Development Co., Ltd., as the organizers of the meeting, invited several representatives of Shengfang local influential furniture industry to participate in the meeting for the new products of KEYUN group: Inland yard and mobile storage.   as an inland enterprise of the group, Langfang branch of Beijing KEYUN Logistics Co., Ltd. is close to customers and understands their needs. As a port company, Tianjin KEYUN Logistics Development Co., Ltd. promotes the development of new products of the group. At the beginning of the activity, Mr. Ding Yaming, warehouse manager of Tianjin KEYUN Logistics Development Co., Ltd., focused on the history of KEYUN group, the function of inland storage yard and the function of mobile storage. after introducing the advantages of the group, the representatives of participating enterprises spoke freely. First of all, the port yard of KEYUN is extended to the inland, and products such as short distance pick up with small cars, warehousing and logistics are given a positive attitude. At the same time, we also put forward opinions and suggestions for our new products from the client. These pertinent opinions and suggestions from customers also let us see the shortcomings and promotion direction of new products. this "inland storage and mobile warehouse seminar" has sparked our collision with customers. Really understand the customer needs. At the same time, it also found a breakthrough for our inland companies and port companies to join hands in the market. at the end of this meeting, we agreed with our customers to discuss again after we revise the product. Customers also pointed out that we hope our new products will be put into the market as soon as possible, so that customers can benefit as soon as possible.
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  • International Logistics Summit
    as the president unit of China International Logistics Network Alliance (CILP) Tianjin port, KLM Group actively participated in CILP's overseas development planning activities in 2018, and participated in the logistics freight forwarding Summit (1 to 1 conference) held by CILP strategic partner CARVRE SEVEN with CILP core members. on April 16, international logistics network organization carvre seven held a grand opening of international logistics freight forwarding summit and one-on-one conference in Bangkok, Thailand. Members of carvre seven (from Africa, Asia, America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East and subcontinent countries), 91 enterprises and cilp members arrived as scheduled. Chen Wei, manager of Overseas Department of Gangji company and his assistant Gao Feng were appointed by KLM to attend the summit as representatives. During the three day one-on-one conference, 55 industry elites from all over the world (covering Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, etc.) were invited to interview India and Pakistan); through systematic invitation and e-mail exchange interaction in the early stage of the conference, when meeting and communicating for the first time at the conference, customers' recognition of us was effectively improved; customers were deeply aware of the characteristics of China's logistics resources of KEYUN; and a solid step was taken to expand its overseas market. Gangji overseas department has a lot of experience in participating in this summit, and will share the results analysis to you in a timely manner.
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  • KLM Group participates in the 2018 international general cargo transportation Exhibition
    Shanghai international general cargo transport exhibition is one of the breakbulk global series of activities, which focuses on the shipping business of general cargo, major cargo and containers, and is the largest industry event in Asia.   KLM Group has been participating in the exhibition for several years in a row, getting to know many shipowners and overseas agents of the world's major routes, and preparing the contact list of shipowners and overseas agents according to the routes, so as to better carry out business contact.   we have gained a lot in this exhibition. According to the implementation of expected projects in 2018 and 2019, we have conducted in-depth discussions with ship owners and local agents of routes such as Turkey, West Africa, Russia and Vietnam, and we have gained a lot.
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  • Keyun group spring dinner in 2018
    the young dream of serving the first world in self-restraint, gathering the world to nurture the youth for 25 years, dedicated service for 25 years, glorious history for 25 years, extraordinary years for 25 years, forge ahead in this beautiful time of the new year, and the 2018 New Year dinner of the group was held in the Westin Hotel, Junlong! In 2018, KLM Group has been established for 25th anniversary years. Thank you for your support and encouragement. Thank you for your company! In the eyes of the Chinese people, lions are auspicious animals, symbolizing good luck, so as to put the people in the lion dance activities to eliminate disasters. Ask for the good will of Geoffrey. And we shock the opening interactive show "Golden Lion sends blessing", which is not the same as the traditional lion dance show in the past, and integrates the multimedia projection interactive technology of modern science and technology, so that the lion can be integrated into the scene vividly, and the enterprise elements can be added into the video. Under the leadership of Fan Zong, he has become a professional supplier of marine import and export, goods logistics, and provides one-stop service of port to door, port to port, port to port, and In Port services. Excellent leadership is the core of a team. Along the way, the development of Keyun Group for many years is inseparable from the leadership and careful guidance of our leader Fan Zong. In the future, we will ride the wind and waves and move forward all the way! The launch ceremony of the new journey on the 25th anniversary anniversary of KLM Group, along the way, KLM Group can not do without the careful guidance of the leadership, and naturally can not do without the hard work of every employee, especially the employees who have been holding their posts for ten years, they have witnessed the company's countless glory and feelings, and have been in the same boat with the company for ten years, and also set up an excellent benchmark for colleagues. Of course, to commend the staff for ten years, the annual meeting of Ke Yun, which is full of talents, is also bound to be funny and joyful. Most of the actors in the live performance of the annual meeting are post-90s. With the tide of the times, they are gradually moving towards the center of the social stage. Like the Post-70s and post-80s, they will become the backbone of the society. They can correctly understand themselves, find their own advantages and disadvantages, study hard and do not fear hard work. Keyun Logistics Center - puppet Dance: jisu.com - three and a half: jisu.com + Keyun Kifa - Song burning: jisu.com + Gangji + Beijing Keyun - dance burning: of course, the focus of the annual meeting is still the lottery! Xiaobian, who hasn't won the prize for five consecutive years, still hasn't won the prize this year But still wish our winning colleagues and friends, by the way, a little luck, for next year's big prize! At the dinner party of the annual meeting, we gathered together to count the hard work of the past year, listen to the work summary of each department for the past year, and look forward to the vigorous blueprint of the company's future development. At the same time, we felt the weight of responsibility. The reason why a person can succeed, there is always something extraordinary; the reason why an enterprise can go through the storm and take the lead is bound to be closely related to its irresistible cohesion. For us, klun is the place where the dream starts and the place where the dream comes true. Tonight, we gather together, singing and dancing; tonight, we are full of passion, surging. Yesterday's achievements have become history, and tomorrow's journey has a long way to go. Keyun people will forge ahead with high spirited and fearless courage!
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  • forge ahead -2018 KLM Group summary meeting
    on the morning of January 19, 2018, all middle and senior leaders of KLM Group held the 2017 annual summary meeting at the Westin Hotel in Junlong.
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  • 2018 strategic management training meeting for middle and senior leaders of KLM Group
            On January 18, 2018, all middle and senior leaders of KLM Group gathered to listen to Professor Wang of Business School of Nankai University for the training of enterprise strategic management. Through this study, the middle and senior leaders of KLM Group who participated in this training had some inspiration and new views on the content, objectives, management methods and application of enterprise strategic management after the meeting, enriching the information about We have benefited a lot from this knowledge. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; about strategy, what strategy does and how to do it, many colleagues feel very empty, as if they know that strategy is important, but they don't know why strategy is important. Everyone's understanding of strategy just stays in the so-called direction. After listening to the teacher's course, the group management team with fan Jinkui, chairman of the group as the core, has a logical thinking on strategy, an overall understanding of strategy from analysis, decision-making to implementation, an understanding of the importance of strategy, and a new understanding of the strategy setting method and management method, and has gained a lot.
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  • let love pass - escort the seeds of hope
              on January 14, 2018, partners from the care for Children Foundation of Keyun-Kifa, Tianjin, made an appointment to go to Shengdong home in Dongli District, Tianjin on such a beautiful morning, and send donations and blessings to a child suffering from osteosarcoma. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; before going to the child's home, first of all, everyone wrote down their words of encouragement to the child on the colored cardboard. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; then we follow the parents to the children's home. It's very cold, but everyone's love is warm. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the child's name is Hongjun. When he meets Hongjun's younger brother, Ma Tao, the person in charge of the foundation, first sends his greetings, and then gives the money raised in advance to Hongjun's mother. At the same time, he also gives Hongjun's younger brother the colorful card full of blessing words. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; everyone sat down and talked with Hongjun's mother about the child's illness. Hongjun's mother said that osteosarcoma is more common in young people, and it is a highly malignant tumor. And the operation needs to go to Beijing to do, but also to pay a very high medical expenses of nearly 300000. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Hongjun's father also showed you a skull model printed by a 3D printer. The vacant bone next to the left eye on the model is now in Hongjun's left eye, which is supported by a bracket. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Hongjun is Grandma's only grandson. After learning about the illness, grandma was very distressed. There were tears in the conversation several times.         Tianjin Keyun-Kifa foundation will continue to keep in touch with Hongjun's family, and will continue to pay attention to Hongjun's illness, hoping that he can bravely overcome the disease and wish him an early recovery. Hongjun has just turned 21 years old this year. He is a college student about to graduate. He is in the bloom of his youth. However, life is like this. We never know which one will come first, tomorrow or accident. So the most important thing we can do is to be strong and brave in the face of everything that life brings us, whether it's laughter or difficulties, be optimistic and take them as the gift of life, and then cherish the people around us.         the care for Children Foundation of Keyun-Kifa, Tianjin, is a charitable organization with the purpose of gathering every small force and caring for poor children, which was launched on October 16, 2017. The foundation will do its best to help the needy children in the society and pass on the love.
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  • Tianjin shipping index 2017 friendly partner
            since 2010, KLM Group and Tianjin shipping index began to cooperate. Tianjin Gangji Shipping Agency Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of KLM Group, regularly provides shipping data for Tianjin shipping index. After years of uninterrupted development, KLM Group has become a friendly partner of Tianjin shipping index. Thanks for the affirmation and encouragement of Tianjin shipping index.
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  • KLM Group sent representatives to the sixth international freight forwarding Conference
    on November 16, 2017, in Hangzhou in the early winter, the sixth international freight forwarding conference 2017 and the international freight docking conference 2017 were solemnly held in Hangzhou Baosheng Water Expo Park Hotel. With the theme of "cloud business road", the conference combines Internet thinking and freight forwarding product platform, takes "the Belt and Road Initiative" as the support, creates international e-commerce platform "1+1=3", creates profit space as the link, connects freight forwarders, cargo owners, managers of logistics, free trade, supply chain and other industries, so as to promote the sustainable development of freight forwarding industry. the guests of this conference are from 29 ports and central cities in China. In addition to wiffa members and freight forwarding companies, there are also shipping companies, foreign trade companies, port groups, financial institutions, logistics technology and law firms. KEYUN group, represented by Gangji Shipping Agency Co., Ltd., Beijing KEYUN Logistics Co., Ltd. and Tianjin jisuyun Technology Co., Ltd., set up a stand at the site of the conference. We have a positive exchange and a warm atmosphere. We not only exchange business, but also collide with each other in the exchange, and we have gained a lot.  
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  • happy work and healthy life – 2017 expansion activities of Gangji
            in order to enrich the corporate culture of Gangji company, promote the construction of talent echelon and personnel reserve training of the company, and let everyone improve the team cohesion and communication and cooperation ability in travel and games, the company organized the Lakeside Great Wall expansion training tour with the theme of "happy work and healthy life" on September 9, 2017. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the core backbone from Tianjin, Tangshan, Taiyuan and Shijiazhuang and the new force of the post-90s, who are far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, enter the picturesque water Great Wall of Huanghua city and open interesting game activities.          "Crazy primitive people's tribal formation, brilliant writing, running man's finger pressure board relay race": writing civilization requires a high degree of tacit understanding among tribal members to write a chapter of their own team. From heroic combat to team combat, we can understand that a single person can't form an array, a single tree can't form a forest; there is no perfect individual, only a perfect team. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "national treasure activity": each team got part of the treasure map The problem is, all you know is the place of the meeting and the code of the meeting Each person gets five secret orders, and goes to different places to meet and exchange tasks with his companions, such as treasure collection and treasure hunting. In the end, he finds his own team and finds treasures. Thus he realizes that communication is an important factor for success in team cooperation. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the next day, after the rain in the morning, we will have a team hiking trip which is in close contact with nature. We will take mountain road, climb the Great Wall, cross the chestnut garden of Ming Dynasty and walk around the lake Mountains, water and the great wall are linked together. We can take a deep breath of the fresh air of nature. The green water and green mountains here can discover the beauty of nature with our eyes, and accept the test of the earth and nature with our feet. We forget our age, gender and identity. We can fully integrate into the embrace of nature and feel the team friendship of you and me on the road. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; these two days, all kinds of games and activities focus on both intelligence and physical strength, which can not only strengthen the physique, but also enable new employees to quickly integrate into the team and strengthen the communication between employees. Through two days of Outward Bound training, the team integration and cohesion can be enhanced, and the sense of belonging and honor of employees to the company can be enhanced.   & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; let's be a person with a life goal, a person with a work ideal, a person with personality charm, and a healthy and upward person! Happy work, healthy life.
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  • interconnection and intercommunication: Keyun group once again ranked among the top 100 international forwarding logistics companies in China
            On the morning of July 28th, the 2017 China International Freight Forwarding Industry Development Summit jointly hosted by China International Freight Forwarding Association and international business news agency opened in Nanjing. Zhao Huxiang, President of China International Freight Forwarding Association, attended the summit and pointed out in his speech: the transformation and upgrading of China's foreign economy and trade have accelerated, and the interconnection and consumption upgrading brought by the construction of the "the Belt and Road Initiative" have brought international freight forwarding enterprises The international operation of logistics industry and the expansion of domestic logistics business bring new opportunities. Focusing on "new freight forwarder and new image" is of great significance to the whole industry.         at the meeting, the top 100 forwarder logistics companies in 2016 were officially announced No.26 in China's top 100 international freight forwarding logistics; No.13 in China's top 100 international freight forwarding logistics list; China's top 100 international freight forwarding logistics land transport ranked 20th; China's top 100 international freight forwarding logistics warehousing ranked 10th; continue to be ranked among the top 50 international freight forwarding logistics private enterprises in China.
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  • relocation of Beijing KEYUN Logistics Co., Ltd
            on July 10, 2017, Beijing KEYUN Logistics Co., Ltd. successfully moved into the new site. The new office of the company is located in the Jingrun water Les Loges Du Park Hotel C5, Xiaoyun Road, Sanyuanqiao, Chaoyang District, Beijing, which is quiet in the middle of the noise and picturesque. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to your friends during the housemoving period. Yao Jun, general manager of Beijing KEYUN Logistics Co., Ltd. and all colleagues are here to welcome all the old and new friends! At the same time, I wish Beijing KEYUN Logistics Co., Ltd. a wide range of financial resources, exhibition Hongtu, vigorous development!   new office: C5, Jingrun water garden villa, No.18, Xiaoyun Road, Sanyuanqiao, Chaoyang District, Beijing postcode: 100125 Switchboard: 010-50830866 Fax: 010-64165910
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