• discovery and cultivation of excellent employees and 2018 Mid Autumn Festival Forum
    on the afternoon of September 19, 2018, Mr. Fan Jinkui, chairman of KEYUN transport group, organized general managers and key employees of all companies in Tianjin to hold a mid autumn festival Symposium in the KEYUN conference hall of Westin Hotel to discuss the discovery and cultivation of excellent employees. Chairman fan pointed out that at present, the trend of enterprise rejuvenation has become. The group should continue to attract more outstanding young people, cultivate them, encourage them, strive to increase their ability and courage, so as to become the mainstay of the enterprise faster. the people have faith, the country has strength, the employees have faith, and the enterprise has hope. Through one-on-one interactive discussion with the participants, the faith and love are expounded. Chairman fan asked that enterprises should always focus on finding and cultivating young people with faith, pursuit, confidence, belief, perseverance, courage to try and never give up, so as to make full preparations for the future market. Young people should understand self-discipline and constantly improve themselves on the good and orderly platform built by enterprises. finally, chairman fan once again expressed his mid autumn greetings to all employees and their families!
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  • Leman company - gram operation
    on September 9, 2018, after the new KEYUN 2018 customer conference, Mr. Li Zhanqiao, general manager of Hebei Leman customs declaration service Co., Ltd. and Mr. Ma Ning, assistant general manager, inspected and studied the KEYUN yard. brief introduction of Hebei Leman customs declaration service Co., Ltd.: Yousi's foreign trade volume in Baigou (covering Anping, Gaoyang, Dingzhou and other places) accounts for about 1 / 3 of the market, with the volume of hand cases of 500-800 per month and the annual total trade volume of 1 billion yuan. it is proposed to carry out in-depth sharing with our company, establish Baigou (Hebei logistics distribution center) yard, and come to our company for study and investigation. Manager Ding, manager Hu and manager Chu of our company warmly welcomed us. Manager Ding introduced the arrival operation process of the yard arrival area in detail to ensure that the vehicles were strictly controlled on time and on time. And for the company's box management system in detail. Hebei Leman customs declaration service Co., Ltd. is committed to the purpose of developing the logistics distribution center in the central area of Hebei Province. We come to our company to study and seek cooperation. The future blueprint plans to build a storage yard in Baigou area, reduce logistics costs and improve logistics efficiency with Gaoyang, Dingzhou, Anping, etc., which is highly consistent with our company's concept. We hope that the two companies will "warm up together" and make contributions to the logistics development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei region.
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  • new KEYUN customer Forum
    September 8, 2018. in the golden autumn, Keyun group held a "new Keyun customer forum". companies invited to this forum include: Dongjiang international trade, Didi Jiyun, Shijiazhuang inland port / Jijin, Langfang inland port, jiamingyang textile, Hebei Leman, Presd, etc. before the meeting, Mr. Fan Jinkui, chairman of Keyun group, and MS. Chen Jiao, general manager of Keyun international logistics exchanged business cards with representatives of various customers and companies, and warmly welcomed you all to come from afar! welcome speech of Mr. Fan Jinkui, chairman of Keyun group: Keyun has a profound cultural heritage, and we warmly welcome you with an inclusive and learning attitude. Later, Mr. Fan cordially let us taste a variety of local specialties. Mr. Yang Tao shows the promo and promotes the products under the guidance of the policy of "Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration", combined with its own advantages, new KLM has launched win-win products, including: our inland yard, self owned container rental and sales, and door-to-door delivery. Mr. Chen Zongyin introduces export tax rebate products China World Trade Center of Dongjiang and xinkeyun are strong strategic partners, and detailed answers are given to the export tax rebate of small and medium-sized enterprises Mr. Fan Jinkui, chairman of Keyun group, made a concluding speech: in today's era, with the rapid development of economy and the ever-changing domestic and international markets, only by seeking common ground while reserving differences and sincere cooperation can we make progress. I hope you can come to our garden often. We can enjoy the beautiful scenery, talk about business and promote development. after the meeting, we took a group photo and had lunch at the Bank of Lake Van Gogh
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  • 2018 Keyun-Kifa group construction Tour
    the autumn wind blows slowly. On August 25, 2018, Keyun-Kifa company started the tour of Longqing Valley league construction!!! colleagues of Keyun-Kifa came to Longqing Valley scenic spot in Yanqing District of Beijing with great excitement. Longqingxia in Beijing is known as the "little Lijiang River" in Beijing. The towering dam of Longqingxia reservoir is connected with two mountains, with a width of 40-50 meters. The dam is like a huge white lock that locks the dragon. when you cross the river by boat, you can see that "Jinshi Qifeng is the second to open, Qingjiang is the second to run thousands of times.". When I asked Yu Banyue what he was doing, I had a feeling of "nature painting is original". Water like piaolu belt, winding, mountains do not turn, water turn, as if there is no end, every turn of a mountain is a scene. Mountains, rivers, green trees and shade make people put down the tension and worry of work temporarily. the next day, my colleagues came to Jingxi grassland, which was different from the tranquility of the green nature of the previous day. On the grassland, we all enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the lake in the beautiful Guanting reservoir. the two-day happy journey is short. The team embraces nature and shares food and housing with farmers. There was a lot of laughter and laughter during the period. The group building activity of 100 people eliminated the tension and pressure of the office, and released the sunshine, happiness and vitality of young people.
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  • the kick-off meeting of Keyun-Kifa management project was held successfully
    on August 17, 2018, the kick-off meeting of Keyun-Kifa human resource management consulting project was held in the harbor and shipping conference room, 26 / F, Tianxing river bank. The participants of the meeting included Mr. Liang Song, CEO of Keyun-Kifa group, Ms. Cui Huan, general manager of Gangji Shipping, Mr. Liu Gang, general manager of Keyun-Kifa and department manager, Professor Liu Zihan, embedded human resource management consulting expert, Ms. Gao Zhenhong, project manager in charge of the consultation on human resource management and Ms. Wang Jingjing, human assistant, etc. at nine o'clock in the morning, Mr. Kai Zhong, chairman of the meeting, Keyun-Kifa HR garden, announced the official start of the meeting. first of all, Mr. Liu made an important speech on the importance of building a rigorous management system from the perspective of macro strategy and enterprise development, and said that he would fully cooperate with the management consulting project. then, as the project manager, Ms. Gao Zhenhong gave a wonderful explanation on the purpose and significance of the management consulting project. The solutions of six modules are given, including organization analysis and work analysis, salary management, performance management, HR system construction, training system and recruitment guidance. Promote the implementation of work analysis, through the joint efforts of compensation and performance, and also advocate a series of enterprise development needs such as a performance culture. then Professor Liu Zihan, a human resource expert, summarizes and analyzes some previous professional experience and successful cases, and prospects the expected results of this project. finally, according to several stages of enterprise development, President Liang talked about the important role of management system and made a profound summary of this project.
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  • KEYUN Langfang branch - 2018 semi annual summary meeting
    in the middle of July 2018, Langfang Branch held a summary meeting for the first half of 2018. the meeting was successfully held in a fresh and elegant environment. At the meeting, employees from all departments spoke actively. Through communication and sharing, we not only learned about the new policies in the industry, but also learned about the new resources, new trends and new products of the group through the sharing of Ms. Huang Xin, the manager of the branch company. Through the enthusiastic discussion and combined with the advantages of Langfang Branch, we have a new direction for the work in the second half of the year. at the meeting, we not only made a detailed analysis of the main business, but also exchanged and discussed the efficient cooperation of various departments and the simplification of the inherent workflow. It simplifies the formalism in the assessment, and takes the initiative to understand each other's work habits, so as to reduce the internal friction of communication. with the opening of this conference, we can trust each other and understand each other more fully. The summary will enable us not only to understand the new trends and new resources of the group, but also to work more closely with each other. I am also full of fighting spirit and confidence in the work in the second half of 2018!
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  • Pakistan China friendship, promote development together
    Recently, the wind and rain in Beijing is coming, but it can't resist our enthusiasm. Susanna, the overseas director of International Department of our company, was invited by President Hu of "Bazhong international development chamber of Commerce" and President Wu of China to represent the logistics enterprises to attend the business fairs of "Brazil mayor delegation" and "COFCO I buy network", so as to make preparations for the country's subsequent import business!   Tianjin Keyun-Kifa International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. actively responded to the national call to implement the "the Belt and Road Initiative  " transportation task, and its performance has been going against the current in the fierce market. KEYUN has built a   "global one-stop logistics solution" for customers. as a friendly bridge and a platform for mutual exchanges between Brazil and China, the Pakistan China Chamber of international development unites entrepreneurs and friendly personages from all walks of life in Brazil and China to promote mutual understanding and friendly exchanges between China, Brazil and other countries, develop bilateral trade, expand economic and technological cooperation, promote culture, education, sports and tourism, and achieve mutual benefits "Developing Brazilian market and prospering Brazilian Chinese economy" is a win-win goal.   cofco.com is a food B2C e-commerce website invested and established by COFCO Group Co., Ltd., one of the world's top 500 enterprises, in 2009. Cofco.com is committed to building the largest and safest food shopping website in China. participating in the chamber of Commerce this time is not only about learning about China's B2B business websites, but also promoting the economy and trade between Pakistan and China. It is also for us to make adequate preparations for the development of overseas business in the future.
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  • "embedded" consulting management project seminar
    on 16 July 2018, KEYUN Group invited Professor Liu Zihan, a management expert, to further analyze the current situation of human resource management of the company.   with the rapid development of enterprises, the continuous expansion of the scale, and the unpredictable market under the new economic situation, enterprises are more and more aware of the importance and urgency of management efficiency.   the alternate rise of management and operation is the magic weapon to ensure the steady progress of enterprises. However, management needs foundation, professional methods and scientific system to ensure the effective implementation of management means. we look forward to closer cooperation between Professor Liu and KEYUN Group.
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  • new KEYUN, new dream -- midsummer Carnival
    as time goes by, every year has passed. Since the establishment of KLM Group in 1993, it has gone through an unforgettable course of 25th anniversary years. on July 7, 170 employees from national branch companies and offices gathered in the picturesque Van Gogh bee garden to celebrate their 25th birthday.
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  • study and Discussion on the improvement of human resource management
    Professor Liu Zihan, a management consulting expert specially invited by KLM Group, explained the human resource management under the new situation and new development. starting from the existing organizational structure, Professor Liu analyzed the work analysis, post design and responsibility standard in simple terms, and explained the salary and performance, system planning and process management.
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  • logistics product training seminar
    on 27 May 2018, Fan Jinkui, chairman of KEYUN logistics group, and key personnel of Keyun-Kifa logistics development, Yiming and KEYUN held a forum on logistics development and logistics product training. the meeting emphasized that the service products of "door-to-door delivery" should be implemented from top to bottom. For the customer group, we should grasp the core development method, promote online and offline, and devote ourselves to it professionally, attentively and wholeheartedly. Make short-term plans, long-term goals, and continue to learn from the industry team standard. Analyze the market, analyze themselves, understand the demand, improve the matching degree between products and market. increase the frequency of internal and external training, conduct experience transmission, self training, self training, and strengthen the construction of internal system team.
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  • the monthly work study seminar of KLM in May was held in Beijing
    at the meeting, chairman fan put forward new requirements for the development of freight forwarding business and group NVOCC.   Professor Qin Haiying, School of economics, Nankai University, was invited to give an explanation on the promotion of management and marketing capabilities based on behavioral game. Professor Qin uses game interaction, case analysis and other means of teaching in fun to understand in simple terms, and deconstructs team building and human resource management through game thinking, which has benefited a lot.
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