Keyun Group won the "top 100" and "top 10"
2022-01-06 Read 3318

annual meeting of centralized procurement of central enterprises

the fourth annual meeting of centralized procurement of central enterprises jointly organized by China International Chamber of Commerce and central enterprises industrial supply chain Committee was held in Chengdu on December 29, 21. Nearly 300 qualified suppliers of central enterprises and representatives of central enterprises and state-owned enterprises gathered together to discuss development plans, create new advantages of supply chain and promote the high-quality development of made in China.

Beijing Keyun Logistics Co., Ltd., the founding chairman unit of Wiffa African Union, was invited to attend the activity and won two awards in 2021, namely, "top 10 service providers" of China's industrial supply chain and "top 100 enterprises served by central enterprises".

it is inseparable from the high-quality service of Beijing Keyun logistics to vigorously hold two awards this time. Since 2005, Beijing Keyun Logistics Co., Ltd. has focused on the whole process logistics of African engineering projects, and has closely cooperated with many central and state-owned enterprises such as AVIC technology, China Turkmenistan, China railway construction, China Luqiao, north industry, China Gezhouba Dam, NARI Group, China Wuhan e-commerce, etc.

Beijing Keyun logistics is to provide African end-to-end logistics services for major enterprises, including full container shipping, LCL, inspection, land transportation, yard and other services. Its own Keyun yard, motorcade, customs broker and testing agency are designed to simplify the service process and optimize the service quality.