Keyun JIhang welcomed the honor of AEO advanced certification enterprise
2021-11-05 Read 2288

Keyun JIhang passed the certification of "AEO advanced certification enterprise":

Thank you very much for the encouragement and affirmation of the customs assessment expert group. Keyun JIhang has officially become a customs AEO advanced certification enterprise, which indicates that the company has the "gold lettered signboard" for international customs clearance, and has the advantage of "the most convenient customs, the most preferential domestic and the most recognized international" customs clearance convenience.

AEO advanced certification must pass the basic standards and additional standards such as internal control, financial status, law-abiding norms, trade security and additional standards in the enterprise standards certified by the General Administration of customs, including 18 articles and 32 items in 5 categories. Enterprises certified by the customs will greatly improve their business reputation with customers and customs.

under the guidance of the customs Certification Department, Keyun JIhang has further improved its management system. Obtaining AEO advanced certification is the recognition of the Customs for the enterprise's standards, process implementation and control ability.

we would like to thank our customers for their cooperation and trust, as well as our colleagues for their silent efforts and unremitting efforts to share this honor and joy with us!

what are the advantages of applying for AEO advanced enterprise certification?

A: according to the relevant provisions of the Interim Measures of the customs of the people's Republic of China on enterprise credit management, the following management principles and measures are applicable to advanced certification enterprises:

(I) low inspection rate of import and export goods;

(II) simplify the examination of import and export goods documents;

(III) give priority to handling customs clearance procedures for import and export goods;

(IV) other management principles and measures stipulated by the General Administration of customs.

(V) go through the inspection and release procedures before determining the commodity classification, customs valuation, origin of import and export goods or completing other customs formalities;
(VI) the customs establishes a coordinator for the enterprise;
(7) enterprises engaged in processing trade are not subject to the bank deposit account system;
(VIII) AEO mutually recognizes the customs clearance facilitation measures provided by the customs of the country or region.  

we will pass this comprehensive and detailed "physical examination" to make the internal management of the company more standardized and standardized. With the gold signboard of "advanced certification", the brand value and recognition of our enterprise have been recognized and improved in the industry, and become more competitive in the customer supply chain. Our company will take the opportunity of obtaining the customs advanced certification qualification to provide customers with better and safer services, give play to the advantages of AEO advanced certification, and integrate with the international market, thus laying a solid foundation for expanding the international market.