Inquiry of packing information of KLM logistics, bringing you transparent service
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Inquiry of packing information of KLM logistics, bringing you transparent service

are you still worried that the dynamic information cannot be queried in real time due to the delegation?

are you still struggling to get the box number information from the customer service?

Keyun provides convenient, transparent and open packing information query service for customers. Just pay attention to the "Keyun logistics" official account, and all the yard packing dynamics can be self-service real-time query.

the first step: WeChat search < Keyun logistics > official account, click "follow"

the second step: enter the official account and click "packing business" - "packing query"

Step 3: enter the company name and mobile phone number, upload the company's business license and the applicant's ID card photo, click "application binding", and wait for the audit results

       the fourth step: after passing the audit, receive the notification of audit results on the official account page of "Keyun logistics"

Step 5: click "packing business" - "packing query" again to input the complete bill of lading number to be queried

KLM provides the following information query results for customers

① entrustment information: name of vessel, voyage, bill of lading number, type and quantity of container, name of goods, weight of package

② case information: case number, lead seal number, case tare weight, case appearance time, case photo

③ cargo information: delivery vehicle information, delivery vehicle dispatch information, delivery vehicle in and out information, delivery vehicle unloading information

delegation information

box information

Cargo Information

packing photos