guests and representatives of the second China (Dongjiang) shipping industry week, inspecting Tianjin port container terminal and Tianjin Keyun Logistics
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guests and representatives of the second China (Dongjiang) shipping industry week, inspecting Tianjin port container terminal and Tianjin Keyun Logistics

On May 20, some guests and representatives attending the second China (Eastern Xinjiang) shipping industry week, including the main leaders of China Shipping weekly, Lianyungang Port holding group, Ningbo Joint Conference Office of sea rail intermodal transport development, logistics time weekly and other units, as well as from Tianjin Hangxing, feimabin, Tianjin Jinquan Logistics, Tianjin Qianhai, Ningbo Tianxu international logistics, Yiwu City Representatives of isea member enterprises, such as Yitong Europe logistics, Shenzhen Huayun international logistics and Zeus technology, visited Tianjin Port under the organization of Tianjin port of shipping logistics branch of China Transportation Association (isea), creating conditions for direct communication between port and shipping logistics enterprises.

the first stop of the investigation is the North Xinjiang port area of Tianjin port. The investigation team mainly visited the unmanned truck working area of Tianjin Port Container Terminal Co., Ltd. In the newly released "top 30 innovation cases of port and shipping logistics industry in 2021", the award-winning project of smart port driverless container truck application project of mainline technology was launched here.

At the activity site, the guests and representatives were very concerned about whether the actual application scenario of the unmanned truck was really implemented, the extension and development direction of the promotion. Liu Jieqiang, Secretary of the Party group and general manager of Tianjin port container Co., Ltd., said on the site that with the integration of Tianjin port group's Wharf and yard business, as well as the implementation of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration and xiong'an new area development plan, smart With the blessing of science and technology, the Unmanned Container truck business will be gradually extended to Tianjin port, and gradually spread to xiong'an new area and Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, helping domestic and foreign trade enterprises and logistics enterprises in the above regions to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

the unmanned truck working area of Tianjin Port Container Terminal Co., Ltd. is a real application scenario combining 5G technology with L4 level automatic driving and artificial intelligence. Whether it's full-automatic container handling in the terminal yard, driverless truck transfer, until the final shipment, all unmanned operations are carried out on site, and all instructions are sent out by the central control room one kilometer away, and are independently completed by the artificial intelligence program.

traditional wharf loading and unloading can only be completed with the workers' loading and unloading list and experience. Now, the central control computer calculates the operation route with the best efficiency and the shortest time. The efficiency of the terminal is 30% higher than before.

then, the delegation visited the container yard, North Xinjiang station and business office center of Keyun Group logistics under Tianjin Keyun group.
the container yard of Keyun logistics adopts big data, intelligent bayonet and other technologies to connect with the data of the shipping company in real time, so as to provide customers with comprehensive, intelligent, efficient and convenient container management services.

Du Xiaoyan, manager of the logistics business department of Keyun, also introduced the corporate culture, box, car, goods service and multimodal transport business of Keyun Group to the members of the delegation. It is understood that at present, Keyun logistics has established 3 wharf yards and 25 inland ICD. Relying on the inland site, we can provide customers with portable box service. At the same time, the inland delivery can also reduce the transportation process, reduce the transportation cost of customers, and speed up the container turnover.

relying on the control of intelligent central control in the intelligent platform, Keyun logistics provides task matching services for customers. While the driver completes the task of lifting and returning the containers, it intelligently matches tasks such as port collection and import, which greatly increases the use efficiency of the trailer.

at the end of the activity, Lin Yikun, Secretary General of isea Tianjin port, summed up the core concepts of this activity and isea: reducing the logistics cost of customers, increasing the efficiency of shipping and freight enterprises, intelligent technology, green environmental protection, and win-win cooperation.