Keyun group participated in the fifth international infrastructure investment and Construction Summit Forum
2015-07-24 Read 472

the 5th international infrastructure investment and Construction Summit Forum, CO sponsored by China Chamber of foreign contractors and Economic Bureau of Macao Special Administrative Region government, was held in Macao on May 8, 2014.
This forum has attracted many enterprises (units) from China's foreign engineering contracting industry to participate, as well as 37 vice ministers and above government officials from 23 countries and regions in the world; more than 30 international financial institutions, such as the African Export Import Bank and the Asian Development Bank; a number of industry associations, such as the Federation of international contractors' associations and the Malaysian Construction Association; More than 1000 representatives of engineering contractors, equipment manufacturers and industry service organizations from many countries and regions in the world attended the meeting.
the theme of this forum is "interconnection provides new impetus for international infrastructure cooperation".
the delegation of KEYUN group, under the leadership of general manager Yao Jun of Beijing KEYUN group, went to Macao to participate in this forum, actively talked with the representatives, listened to the voice of the forum carefully, understood and grasped the market situation in the field of international infrastructure construction and investment, and made friends for KEYUN logistics and expanded cooperation opportunities.