summary meeting of KLM in the middle of 2014
2015-07-24 Read 564

the best way to look forward to the future is to create it. It is the hope of the company in the future to continuously find new directions that are helpful to the development of the company. It is against this background that the senior management team of KLM gathered in Dujiangyan from June 28th to 29 to seek new development articles. The semi annual summary and planning meeting closely focused on the theme of "conforming to the market, serving customers, basing on new products and developing new ideas", adhered to the core management concept of "cost, quality, efficiency and safety", made a thorough analysis of the business gains and losses of each sector of the group, put forward a clear direction for improvement, and strengthened the determination to further expand the overseas market. At the same time, the meeting reached a broad consensus on strengthening the application of information technology and continuously improving the level of information management. The meeting called on all the staff of KEYUN to build a learning team, with a high sense of responsibility and mission, to really grasp the practical work, and make new contributions in the new journey of "two times of entrepreneurship and reconstruction of Keyun".