the summer games in Dongdai River
2015-08-13 Read 1092

after work on July 31, 2015, we took a station wagon all the way to dongdaihe, Huludao City, Liaoning Province. We arrived safely at 23:30 and stayed in the local farmyard. We were still in high spirits. We put down our backpacks and rushed to the beach. There were still a lot of tourists on the beach, singing karaoke and eating seafood.
in addition to relaxing our mood and relieving our daily tense working mood, this trip aims to build up our corporate culture and enhance our team spirit and sense of belonging to the company. A sports meeting with the theme of enhancing the sense of team cooperation will be held on August 1. The sports meeting will officially start at 14:00. This sports meet is not only the physical fitness, but also the consciousness; not only the individual, but also the team. The setting of sports events is to test whether the team can reasonably use resources, cooperate with each other and communicate with each other. In the whole process, each team member has played a role in completing each project for the team, but if there is no unified command, the team will be confused, and each project will be difficult to complete successfully. This requires the team to have a sound organizational system, strong leadership, clear division of labor, implementation in place, mutual trust, understanding and tolerance. In this way, our task can be completed quickly and well, and finally reach the other side of the victory. After this activity, we will put more enthusiasm and positive attitude into our work.
in the future, the company will organize similar activities from time to time, and the company is organizing all kinds of game clubs, including those who exercise physical fitness and those who exercise thinking. I hope all colleagues will actively participate.