corporate culture helps the development of Keyun
2015-09-21 Read 687

corporate culture is the sum of management concepts, thinking modes and behavior habits gradually accumulated and refined in the long-term practice of an enterprise. After more than 20 years of continuous growth and expansion, the group has gradually formed a cultural concept recognized by all employees and consciously abided by, which contains the characteristics of KEYUN.

we know that the process of strengthening the construction of enterprise culture is to speed up the process of enterprise management in an all-round way and to promote the development of enterprises. Only by combining with the resources of the enterprise itself and building the characteristic enterprise culture system, can the core competitiveness of the enterprise be shaped.

since the beginning of 2015, the group has started the work of corporate culture carding and VI standardization. Through a variety of new technologies such as visits to senior executives in Tianjin and Beijing, discussions and reference to historical files, the group has once again conducted in-depth discussion and planning on the corporate culture concept system, visual identification system and employee behavior standards, and refined a complete set of corporate culture system. The content covers the core values, mission, vision, spirit, concept, spirit, value system and external brand image of the group. It penetrates into every employee through various carriers such as enterprise website, official microblog, cultural manual and publicity poster, and reflects and influences each other in the details of behavior.