2016 mid year summary meeting of KLM
2016-07-04 Read 447

In 2016, with the theme of "deepening enterprise reform and development", KLM Group held its mid year summary meeting in Changbai Mountain on from July 1st to 3rd. The meeting focused on in-depth understanding of the essence of corporate culture, corporate strategic positioning, core business structure, internal and external network system construction, human resources training plan, financial settlement system improvement, and e-commerce platform system support 。 The meeting made it clear that the enterprise reform must keep pace with the times, and the accurate enterprise positioning should not only conform to the social development, but also need the support of the whole team's own courage, courage and belief. On the afternoon of the 2nd, Yuxing group construction activity on the west slope of Changbai Mountain was held. On the way to the summit, it was sunny after the rain. We had a panoramic view of the beautiful Tianchi Lake and advocated healthy and high spirited development through practical actions