COSCO Shipping launched the 2021 global customer service improvement action, focusing on these four aspects
2021-03-08 Read 3875

the promotion action will focus on the four aspects of "stable and reliable service", "timely and accurate information", "visual and convenient service" and "rapid response to demand" concerned by customers.

the current epidemic of new crown pneumonia has impacted the global industrial chain and supply chain cycle, leading to severe challenges to the stability of global logistics supply chain.

COSCO Shipping said that container transportation is an important part of the global logistics supply chain, and it is also one of the core business sectors of COSCO Shipping. In the current supply chain system difficulties, it also faces the biggest challenge.

in order to better guarantee the smooth flow of international trade, build a new development pattern of service, and make every effort to solve the logistics blocking points, pain points and difficulties faced by global customers, including Chinese foreign trade enterprises, COSCO Shipping announced that it will launch the global customer service improvement action in 2021.

it is understood that in 2021, COSCO will focus on the four aspects of "stable and reliable service", "timely and accurate information", "visual and convenient service" and "rapid response to demand" concerned by customers, relying on the upgraded global information system and using digital service means, and strive to present excellent service quality for global customers.

specific measures are as follows:

first, abide by the spirit of contract, innovate service mode, and provide stable and reliable transportation service

for long-term cooperative customers, we will respect the contract and guarantee the shipping space; at the same time, we will make use of the synchub foreign trade e-commerce platform to realize self-service price inquiry and online confirmation of booking, so as to meet the shipping space needs of small and medium-sized customers to the maximum.

while improving the standardized service, COSCO Shipping will further differentiate industries and customize the end-to-end service process, so as to better meet customers' demand for supply chain service.

2. Further improve the service standards to achieve more timely and accurate service information

COSCO Shipping will set the document accuracy target on the basis of the original nine service standards, and further extend the global service standard from sea transportation to both ends.

Third, make full use of digital means to improve the convenience and visibility of services

COSCO Shipping Group uses blockchain platform to promote paperless import delivery service. In 2021, the prescription of blockchain will be further upgraded, the circulation of blockchain bills of lading will be realized, and the paperless shipping industry will continue to be promoted.

IV. improve the service response speed through the construction of Omni channel customer service platform

COSCO Shipping Group will strive to build a unified intelligent customer service platform, monitor Omni channel services in real time, and continuously improve the response speed of global services.

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