cross border e-commerce trend report: five major trends evolution, Chinese sellers from "barbaric growth" to "intensive cultivation"
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evolution of five major trends: from "barbaric growth" to "intensive cultivation"

Cindy Tai, Amazon's global vice president and head of Amazon's Asia Pacific region, said: "in the past five years, China's seller group has been developing continuously and has become one of the important forces to provide high-quality products to global consumers. China's export cross-border e-commerce industry and sellers have experienced an evolution from "barbaric growth" to "intensive cultivation". Export cross-border e-commerce is becoming an important support force for China's foreign trade, and is changing from a "new format" to a "new normal"

the report shows that in the past five years, global cross-border e-commerce has developed rapidly. The epidemic situation has prompted the global consumption trend to shift from offline to online, and the development opportunities and challenges of cross-border e-commerce industry coexist. Based on the relevant data of Amazon and the survey of Chinese sellers, the report summarizes and shares five significant trends of Chinese sellers in the past five years.

trend 1: more diversified regions and types of sellers. The seller's geographical distribution is increasingly extensive, extending from the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta to the inland, and the seller's scale in the West Coast Economic Zone, central and northern regions is growing rapidly. Among them, the Yangtze River Delta, as China's traditional manufacturing industry gathering place, has the fastest growth rate of sellers in the past five years, with the scale of sellers increasing by 9 times; the Pearl River Delta has the scale of sellers increasing by 6 times, with concentrated industries, rich human resources and mature foreign trade foundation, giving birth to the largest group of sellers in the country at present; the sellers in the Haixi Economic Zone, represented by Fujian Province, are increasingly active, and the number of sellers is increasing The scale has increased five times, and it has obvious advantages in the competition of clothing, shoes, bags, furniture, outdoor lighting and other categories.

at the same time, the types of sellers are more diversified. In the past five years, many well-known Internet native brands have emerged, such as Enquirer, Anke, and so on. Traditional manufacturing enterprises, traditional foreign trade merchants, and traditional well-known brands have also continuously joined the export cross-border e-commerce industry to explore new business growth opportunities, such as corworth.

trend 2: acceleration of global layout. The pace of international development of sellers is accelerating, and they are constantly seeking diversified business opportunities. According to the survey on Chinese sellers of Amazon global stores, nearly 60% of the sellers have operated more than two Amazon overseas sites at the same time, and 82% of the sellers plan to expand new sites on the existing basis. In the process of accelerating the global layout, sellers not only consider mature sites such as the United States and Europe, but also actively layout emerging sites such as the Middle East, Australia and Singapore.

trend 3: enhancing brand awareness. With the export cross-border e-commerce industry gradually turning to "intensive cultivation", sellers pay more attention to the long-term development of business, and continue to invest in product development, brand registration and construction, brand protection, etc. In terms of product development, with the help of the first-hand feedback from Amazon's overseas site consumers, sellers can effectively improve product design, improve product quality, and guide new product R & D. many products popular with European and American consumers emerge, such as the popular down jacket of orolay.

trend 4: acceleration of product innovation. With the global consumer demand becoming more diversified and refined, Chinese sellers are constantly enriching the selection of products, and gradually shifting from standardized products to higher value, more yuan and more personalized products. Among them, sales of kitchen, household, clothing and other categories increased significantly.

trend 5: response capability upgrade. In the past five years, the seller's ability to respond quickly to changes in the overseas environment and consumer demand has been continuously upgraded. It has been able to quickly identify the trend of global consumption and flexibly adjust the selection strategy, giving full play to the advantages of flexible supply chain. During the epidemic period, Chinese sellers timely provided global consumers with high-quality epidemic prevention materials and daily necessities.


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