the two major ports in Europe are officially merged! The Spring Festival aggravates the shipping bottleneck between China and Europe! Europe anxiously waiting for "made in China"!
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01 & nbsp; it took three years for the two major European ports to merge!

at the same time of Chinese new year, on February 16, Antwerp and zebruch, the two major European ports, announced their formal merger and changed their names to port of Antwerp Bruges it is estimated that the integration process will take one year.
official information from Antwerp Port shows that: the merged "Antwerp Bruges" port will become the largest container terminal in Europe( by weight tons) and the 13th largest container port in the world (by TEU).

at the same time, the new "Antwerp Bruges" port will also be the largest automobile import and export terminal in Europe and one of the largest bulk cargo ports in the world.

the combined port will account for more than 15% of Europe's LNG transportation and will continue to be the most important chemical center in Europe. Antwerp Port said in a statement that the goal of the merger is to become the first port in the world to achieve harmonious development of economy, population and climate.  

02 & nbsp; sea freight soars, affecting global exports
due to tight shipping space, the cost of shipping from China to Europe has increased fourfold. Affected by this, European retailers of household goods, toys and other industries are in short supply.

according to freightos' survey of 900 small and medium-sized companies, 77% of them are facing supply shortage. IHS Markit's survey shows that the delivery time of suppliers continues to extend, the highest since 1997. The supply shortage not only affects the retail end, but also has an impact on the manufacturing enterprises in the euro area.

03 & nbsp; & nbsp; Spring Festival aggravates the shipping bottleneck between China and Europe

according to an article published by Swedish "glance" on February 14 local time, due to the warm welcome of Chinese products by European people during the epidemic period, the shipping costs between China and Europe continue to increase. Not only that, but also the containers are almost exhausted, with the arrival of the Spring Festival, many ports in China are closed, and many freight companies have no containers available.

it is understood that it takes at least 15000 francs to obtain a container, which is 10 times more expensive than the previous price. Due to the frequent shipping between China and Europe, many European shipping companies have also made huge profits, but now the Chinese Spring Festival has exacerbated the bottleneck of shipping between China and Europe.

04 & nbsp; Europe anxiously waiting for "made in China"

according to the foreign trade data, the export volume of Chinese products last year was the largest in the world, which fully shows that the world's demand for "made in China" is rising with the epidemic situation, such as furniture, toys and bicycles have become hot products. Due to the arrival of the Chinese new year, many industries in Europe are in a certain confusion.

China has replaced the United States as the EU's largest trade partner last year. this means that trade between China and the EU will be closer in the future. It is precisely based on this reality that China and the EU signed the China EU investment agreement at the end of last year. In the future, both the EU and China will have more chips in trade negotiations with the United States.

at present, the new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to spread around the world, and the epidemic situation in Europe is still very serious. Therefore, it will be difficult for Europe to resume normal industrial production in a short period of time, which makes the European people more urgently need "made in China".

during the Spring Festival, they are also anxiously waiting for "made in China", so do you think the European ocean freight will continue to rise?


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