International Freight Logistics
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perfect inland network and extended service function

logistics distribution, truck and railway transportation agency services

door to door service of import and export container truck transportation

import and export special large cargo transportation service

Port unloading, logistics distribution to door service

sea transportation (container, bulk cargo, RO ro ship), air transportation, space booking and stowage of import and export goods;

extended services such as issuing bills of lading in other places

self owned container rental service

NVOCC and overseas agent network support

Cargo document quality control operation platform

it business system management control, it support and guarantee system

joint development and cooperation with many shipping companies in the transportation of import and export goods

warehouse (bonded warehouse, non bonded warehouse, overseas warehouse)

products and services:

collection, distribution, transfer and storage services of import and export goods

specialized warehouse management system and it resource support, inventory management of goods, sorting, packaging, commercial processing, information query and other value-added services

bonded goods, goods supervision services, perfect yard, warehouse facilities and advanced professional technology

re export trade, inter enterprise trade in Bonded Zone, business consultation in bonded zone and other related services

we have our own container yards in Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao and Ningbo to provide customers with a full range of port logistics services

modification and maintenance service for special boxes such as hanging suitcases.

global overseas warehouse service, logistics service trade.


(2) service content

1) export declaration: simple and convenient procedures, wide range of goods: handle all the necessary documents on behalf of the customs, handle the relevant procedures safely and timely;

2) import declaration: a wide range of product names, handling import related documents on behalf of all kinds of trade forms;

3) all weather one-stop service, and provide agent inspection, fumigation, disinfection and other services;